Bike Recommendations

Cory Wallace leads the TransRockies Classic mountain bike stage race.

We recommend a mid-travel (100mm-120mm) cross-country or trail mountain bike for the TransRockies Classic. Some more competitive racers may prefer to use a hardtail for greater efficiency on road sections and climbs, but most riders will enjoy the comfort of full suspension on longer days. On most days a moderate tread 2.2” tire is recommended, although in the case of wet weather a slightly wider (2.3”), knobbier tire may be advantageous, if you wish to bring a second set of backup tires.

Cory Wallace leads the TransRockies Classic mountain bike stage race.

Mandatory Gear

The following gear is mandatory for all participants to carry with them, and may be checked at the start of each stage:

  • Certified Cycling Helmet

  • Waterproof Jacket

  • Emergency Blanket

  • Gloves with Long Fingers

Recommended Packing List

Camp Gear

  • Pants (1)

  • Shorts (1)

  • Socks (2)

  • T-shirts (3)

  • Sweater (1)

  • Insulated Jacket (1)

  • Rain Jacket (1)

  • Warm hat (toque/beanie)

  • Hat with a brim

  • Camp Shoes

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping Mat

  • Phone with Camera and Charger

  • Toiletries/towel

  • Headlamp/flashlight

  • Drop-bag for starts

  • Ear Plugs

Cycling Gear

  • Cycling Shoes

  • Cycling Helmet

  • Cycling Gloves

  • Cycling Shorts (7)

  • Cycling Jersey (7)

  • Cycling Socks (7)

  • Cycling Leg Warmers (2)

  • Cycling Arm Warmers (2)

  • Cycling Vest

  • Cycling Jacket

  • Sunglasses

  • Upper Base Layer (2)

  • Rain Jacket (1)

  • Cycling Jacket (1)

  • Snacks / Sport Nutrition (spare/extra)

  • Watch or Cycling Computer (GPS recommended)

  • Spare parts specific to your bike

  • Hydration Pack with space for extra gear and clothing

  • Bear Spray Recommended


  • Extra Luggage and Bike Boxes

All your gear for the week needs to fit into one large duffel bag (approx. 120L). Your bike box and extra luggage with extra clothing for travelling etc,. will be transported directly to the finish line. Please make sure that all your luggage is clearly identified.

The TransRockies Classic mountain bike stage race - Panorama.